Financial Aid

At Unitech Training Academy, the Office of Financial Aid on your campus is the place to get financial aid information and forms.


The Office of Financial Aid offers individual financial aid information to students and their parents. If you have questions or need assistance with any part of the financial aid process, we’re here to help.


All Unitech Training Academy campuses are eligible institutions under Title IV programs. Some campuses also offer additional financial assistance programs, such as Louisiana Rehabilitation Service, LWIA, and GI Bill.


Financial Aid and financial assistance may be comprised of a combination of grants and loans. Federal student loans provide assistance in meeting expenses related to enrollment and have low interest.


To learn more about available Financial Aid and Financial Assistance please contact the Financial Aid Representative at a local campus.

Please call the campus you attend/plan to attend Financial Aid Officer for any questions regarding your financial assistance.



“Unitech Training Academy was a great experience for me. Every time I walked into the building everyone had a smile on their faces. The instructors were very helpful. I am so grateful to have heard about Unitech.”

Catherine Paddie
Pharmacy Technician Graduate

“I really enjoyed going to school at Unitech Training Academy. All the staff were very nice. The instructor I had was a great instructor and very helpful.”

Tonya Fain
EKG/Phlebotomy Technician Graduate

“Being an older student, returning after years away from school, was a tough decision. It’s been a pleasure to be here and participate in my own future instead of someone else deciding that for me!”

Terry Boswell
Medical Billing and Coding

“At Unitech Training Academy, I have gained a new family. We work together and help motivate each other.”

Kimberly Travis Burks
Dental Assisting

“Unitech has helped me get one step closer to achieving my goals. It’s a fun yet hands on environment. The instructors are very helpful. I am so glad that I chose to come to Unitech to further my education.”

Kaitlyn Levie
Pharmacy Technician

“My instructor is awesome. She makes me feel comfortable; she teaches with patience and always goes the extra mile to make sure we have a good understanding of the material presented.”

Kendra Simon
EKG/Phlebotomy Technician