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Unitech’s program for Medical Assistants provides you with the necessary skills to work alongside physicians and practitioners. You will be able to perform the clinical tasks necessary to examine patients. There is also the opportunity to perform in an administrative role.

Students in the Medical Assisting Program also receive hands on skills in learning about electrocardiogram(EKG) and being able to read the various rhythm strips providing opportunity to assist the physician in assessing the patient. The student will also learn the venipuncture techniques, order of draw and the various blood tests physicians need to assist their patients. With these additional skills the Medical Assistant student will be able to apply for certification in both of these modalities and pursue a career as a Phlebotomist or EKG Technician.

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What makes medical assistant a great career for me?

Medical assistant would make a great career if you wish to work in the healthcare system but want to avoid the more fast paced routine of a hospital. That being said, outpatient practices can still become very busy. If one is compassionate and caring, being able to work with many people throughout the day is a plus.

What sort of places can I work as a medical assistant?

Job growth for medical assistant is projected grow by 29% from 2016 to 2026. The demand is very high, thus there are many places where one can find opportunity. Medical assistants typically work at physician’s offices, general care clinics, and specialized practices such as a chiropractor. The job is not ideal for everyone, however, being able to show flexibility and dedication will help land a job.

Which campuses offer this program?

Available at our Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Houma, Lafayette, Lake Charles, New Orleans and West Monroe campuses.

What are some of the specific things you learn in the program?
At Unitech, our students learn to perform many of the following as they go through the program:

• Various patient examination tasks: cleaning of exam room, venipuncture, taking of vital signs, and performing various laboratory functions

• Administrative duties

• The ability to ease patients and instruct them per the physician’s needs

• The ability to work with specialized medical equipment and software

What is hybrid?

Our hybrid model allows students to work from home as well as at school in a face-to-face setting. Approximately 60% of your work will be done on campus and 40% will be completed at home through our e-learning software. This new format has given many students the flexibility they need for success.


What Our Students Say



“Unitech was a door of opportunity for me. The teachers and staff are so supportive and give me the motivation to keep going to achieve my goals. I feel more knowledgeable, confident, and hopeful of my future because of my time here.”


– Crystal Southall



Why Unitech?

We think it’s fantastic that you are considering a new career in the allied health profession!

We also realize becoming a student at Unitech Training Academy is not your only way of getting there. That is why we want to highlight what sets our institution apart from the others. To begin our classes start every Monday. This means you never have to wait for your future to begin!

Our experienced instructors have a minimum of four years working in their respective fields with the majority having a substantial bit more. Each program is required to have a field trip and/or a guest speaker every month. This is to ensure that each student gets a real depiction of what their work life will be like after training at Unitech. This is coupled with our continuous hands-on training in the labs students visit every day. Unitech Training Academy offers and supplies the funds for every student to obtain two certifications. In addition, we provide dedicated exam prep classes to assure passing grades. Our administration and instructors are provided with quarterly training to ensure they are always kept up to date with new information, learning, techniques, and communication skills.

We not only strive to provide an excellent education but to support our students in any way possible!