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Nursing assistants are provided with instruction as to how to care for the daily needs of patients, and they often work under the supervision of registered or licensed practical nurses. Some of the duties may include taking vital signs, delivering food to patients, bedside care, and emotional support. They often note important information to their supervisors. At Unitech Training Academy, you will learn the necessary skills needed to be prepared for a career as a nursing assistant, there is also ample support along the way to prepare you for what to expect beyond school. From practice certification exams, to resume building and interview simulations, you won’t only leave with job skills but career skills as well.

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What makes a career as a nursing assistant great?
Nursing assistants will often find themselves in fast-paced environments, checking in on many patients during a day. They are constantly on the move. Hence, it is important to find fulfillment in the care and health of others. Being able to see the benefits of someone’s improving health is what can get the nursing assistant through long days.

What types of places can I work as a nursing assistant?
Nursing assistants can work in state, local, and private hospitals. National growth for nursing assistants is expected to increase by 11% through 2026. Demand is high for nursing assistants in long-term care facilities and nursing homes because nurses are constantly needed to care for the infirmed. Due to high demand, there is ample opportunity to work a full-time job, however, hours can be irregular due to patient needs.

What campuses is this program offered at?
Available at West Monroe campus.

What are some of the specific things you learn in the program?
At Unitech, our students learn to perform many of the following as they go through the program:

  • Theory and clinical skills, health care, basic nursing skills, body structures and function, and infection control
  • How to provide personal hygiene and assist in the living of patients
  • Documents the patient’s vital signs and maintains stability

Why Unitech?

We think it’s fantastic that you are considering a new career in the allied health profession!

We also realize becoming a student at Unitech Training Academy is not your only way of getting there. That is why we want to highlight what sets our institution apart from the others. To begin our classes start every Monday. This means you never have to wait for your future to begin!

Our experienced instructors have a minimum of four years working in their respective fields with the majority having a substantial bit more. Each program is required to have a field trip and/or a guest speaker every month. This is to ensure that each student gets a real depiction of what their work life will be like after training at Unitech. This is coupled with our continuous hands-on training in the lab’s students visit every day. Unitech Training Academy offers and supplies the funds for every student to obtain two certifications. In addition, we provide dedicated exam prep classes to assure passing grades. Our administration and instructors are provided with quarterly training to ensure they are always kept up to date with new information, learning, techniques, and communication skills.

We not only strive to provide an excellent education, but to support our students in any way possible!